Exclusive Advantages:

Owns multi-purpose and cost efficient machine which is adaptable to many different cleaning tasks. It is available full range of accessories.

2.Ergonomics and Newtonian Mechanics:
Its best working conditions of eccentric motor design, anatomically formed grip, adjustable handle bar height, balance and low vibration, low noise level, soft start characteristics improve the productivity.

3.Easy operation
It can be operated, transported and stored by an adjustable hand bar, a removable weight and a foldable handle. Its simplicity characteristics make it easy of use.

4.Wide usage
Its balance and low vibration make extensively range of single disc, 15KG annular aggravating block and 2HP power, which can be addition to the function of crystallization polishing.


Technical Specfication:

Model(Host machine)       FB-2017B

Foam & water tank             MF-10

Voltage                         220V/240V

Voltage                          220V/240V

Power                               2.0HP

Water Pump                        56W

Rotate Speed                     150RPM

Vacuum Pump                   50L/min

Polishing Pad Diameter         17"

Tank Capacity                      10L

Power Cord Length             12M

Weight                               7KG

Weight                             43KG


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