FB-2017 Single

FB-2017 Single

1. 2HP motor and super torsion, 70KGS pressure, 165RPM rotary speed ensures the power strong.
2. Low gravity to set up water tanks, and save more energy when using.
3. It is equipped with safety switch buttons to ensure security operation.
4. The nice structure and durable material aluminum casting makes work smoothly, without distort but painting art.
5. Rotating wire hanger, which can release the entire power cord in one-off.
6. Its easy use makes operation convenient and long lifetime due to durable material and advanced technology design.

Technical data


Voltage                           220V

Power                            2 HP

Rotate Speed                  165RPM

Polishing Pad Diameter              17"

Power Cord Length                 12M

Weight                           70KG


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